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Jilin Hongrun Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.
Company address: Suite 1613 Minghanguoji, No. 3333 Jingyang Road, Lvyuan District, Changchun, Jilin, China
Factory address: No.12999 Haoyue Road, Lvyuan District, Changchun, Jilin, China
Tel: :+86 0431-89577633
China:+86 13596491919
EU & USA: +86 15868835511

Industry Introduction
        With the acceleration of urbanization step belongs to fewer children play space. Especially children before kindergarten, can only stay at home or cell, not a safe, comfortable, happy, clean place to play. If neither can exercise, you can get to know and to be more children between parenting tips, colleagues parents, then build an indoor children's playground is necessary.
        We aim to present and future of the children to build a superior entertainment platform, and a fulfilling happy and healthy childhood.
        After 2013, China emerged the baby boom generation of 80 and 90 will begin to enter the reproductive stage, with the relaxation and after the implementation of two-child policy, there will be more of newborn children. Coupled with the increase and growth in household income and living conditions, but also increase investment in children, which will open up children's entertainment industry to bring the vast business opportunities.

"6 + 1" family model, the strong economic momentum baby
        Since the 1980s and 1990s affect third-born population peak of 2010 - the 2020, the number of women of childbearing age 20 -29 years of gradually forming a small peak. In other words, the arrival of the baby boom at present, "80" occupy a larger proportion of parents. "Baby economy" as well as another strong anchor of the modern city are generally "6 + 1" family model, four elderly people, a couple around a child, "six purse for a child to spend." Broad market prospects, high profit wealth, China has entered a golden infant industry investment boom.

Market scarcity model, extensive demand
        With the acceleration of urbanization, the city can be a place for children to play less and less. "Reinforced concrete jungle" is further squeezed children play space, fewer parks, high-rise building more and more, less and less space. Colorful childhood is the development of economic, social and slowly lost glory, where to play, what to play is now more and more parents worry about the problem, the weather is cool also easy to handle, hot cold where to play? Entertainment, health, educational, dating to comply with one of the children's playground and students.

Enormous wealth of business opportunities and growth in the sunrise industry
        Foreign popular family entertainment center on the property market has been the joy of my family is missing. Urban children do not have enough safe new entertainment, our original system's Palace entertainment city now no longer exist, the survey shows that 93% of urban parents want to have a safe playground for children: Parents can bring their children to participate a variety of games and recreational activities, children frolic together, there are a variety of entertaining activities.

Child industry golden opportunity, so the market to be missed?
        Children's playground as a new educational model, caters to east China quality education, to complement the traditional education model, which unanimous favorite of parents and children!

Advantages of the project
        Entertaining, to enhance the added value play.
        Play, is to meet the child's nature; teach, is to meet the parents' expectations. Entertaining, let play not just play, what we are proud of the place.
        According to our children's physical growth and mental development, character creation and other needs, improve and design a full range of recreation facilities, make it more in line with the interests of both children and parents, encouraging children's interests from visual, tactile, auditory, sports and games, trigger their talent. We are a play at the core of the diversified children's playground, many types of consumer sector, mainly for training to improve children's outdoor survival interpersonal skills,Cultivate children's interest, to resolve the current majority of children face is spoiled, introverted, poor health, lack of capacity to communicate with people coordination problems. With reasonable facilities through a variety of scientific, meet the children's nature and preferences, combined with the child's "dynamic" "static" two features, all-round development of the child's overall quality and physically.

Product Analysis
        We kind of new indoor children's play products, from essence of our product is an upgrade replacement of the previous life of the product, which is a gradual transition from the original fort naughty to park. What are our products with other similar equipment differences and characteristics? Dynamic, integrated, color, safety, environmental protection! Novel, advanced! Main features: We combine children like to jump, climb, drill, slide, roll, swing, shake nature.Targeted design: rotating swing inflatable water-filled visual auditory tactile water natural animal snow forest products. Children playing, and will never be bored playing the same time gaining the upper hand physique, develop intelligence, perseverance exercise, the full development of body and mind. Since the market was widely loved children and parents. Projects in shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, community and other children's intensive local installation more appropriate. Low investment, simple management, low loss, high profits. Right now it would be a good project investment.

Join our advantage
        Own factory; quality is guaranteed; powerful; homegrown; eliminating the middle part of the profits agents, trading companies are not reliable, manufacturers cooperation is the most secure. Careful selection of partners, field trips, seeing is believing, to use every penny invested in reality.
        Not heavy like fun, the consumer is more viscous, over a hundred kinds of recreational products, a project will be able to let the children play on the day, a number of projects so that children are not heavy like fun every day, always lift the child's curiosity, so you gain more considerable profits! Innovation is the immutable laws of the market, the company continued research and development center for the game project updates, follow the market trend and based on the flow of animation elements.We have a variety of ways to join, for investors to choose. I do not understand the business without worrying about the whole shop output makes it easier! As we prepare for you to shop, from site selection to planning decoration design, to staff training, management we assume full responsibility. Headquarters give full nanny service and guidance, comprehensive protection mechanisms to ensure investors a low-risk business. Provide one-stop service, 24-hour hotline, timely tracking service, so you do not have to worry about business, entrepreneurship and more at ease.

Brand protection
        Headquarters unified trademark, uniform standards, unified image, uniform clothing, uniform store image and corporate VI visual system use rights.
Risk Protection
        Headquarters implement for replacement, free maintenance, materials recycling policy, to join the investment risk reduction, no worries.
Regional protection safeguards
        Headquarters implementation of regional protection policy, an area only authorized one, to ensure that the monopoly franchisee area.
Quality control guarantee
        Strict production control to ensure that every product are safe, let the kids have fun, parents worry.
Marketing Guarantee
        We have experienced combat-type marketing team to help plan the opening of the franchisee marketing programs, from management to marketing, from advocacy to service.
Advertising safeguard
        Companies advertising in all media, in order to increase brand awareness, promote cooperation to revenue growth.
Training Security
        Headquarters professional training center, the supervision of franchisees in pre-opening staff training.
Service protection
        Professional supervision managers franchise regular return visits to the problems give guidance and advice to help customers shop management.

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